44 News – Democratic Candidates Discuss Issues

Democratic Candidates Discuss Issues

Authored By: Joylyn Bukovac

The 2020 Indiana gubernatorial election is 13 months away. Some of the candidates who plan to take on Governor Eric Holcomb are already hitting the ground running on their campaign.

Dr. Woody Myers says he’s focused on bringing new jobs to the state with competitive pay while also improving health care and education.

“The debacle that we’ve had with statewide testing. You know, first, we had the ISTEP, that failed, and then we had the ILEARN now that’s failed and here we are years down the road. We still don’t have a test that we can rely on,” says Myers.

Myers says he has several other concerns including the high infant mortality rate here in Indiana.

“That just means there are Hoosier babies that are dying in the first year of life that should not. Our maternal mortality rate is too high. And then at the other end of life, those of us who are over 65 and take a lot of prescriptions, our prescription drug costs in Indiana are way, way higher than they should be,” says Myers.

Another Democratic Indiana gubernatorial candidate, Josh Owens, says his focus is on increasing teacher pay. He says the state has been underpaying teachers even though there’s available money.

“I really do think that it’s a matter of both priorities, we’ve got the money to be able to pay our teachers more. It’s a matter of spending it in the right places and putting it in the classroom and having the right leadership to make sure the teachers are actually getting that pay,” says Owens.

Owens is also supporting issues that aren’t too popular with the GOP controlled legislature. This includes universal background checks for gun purchases, LGBTQ rights, and marijuana decriminalization. He says marijuana should be decriminalized not only from a law enforcement standpoint but for several other reasons.

“It’s just a place where we can have that tax revenue and invest it into our communities to lower healthcare costs, but also so that we are providing more jobs and taking advantage of this industry that is burgeoning nationally and here in Indiana as an agricultural community,” says Owens.

Owens is the first openly gay candidate to run for governor in Indiana. He’s the CEO of a company called SupplyKick and a former college professor.

Myers is a millionaire venture capitalist and former Indiana health commissioner.

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