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FACT CHECK: Representative Braun’s Senate campaign has more dollars than sense

INDIANAPOLIS – Rep. Braun is living proof that money alone can’t make up for an amateurish campaign. Despite millions of dollars in personal loans, Rep. Braun’s campaign has been plagued with misstep after misstep that no amount of money can hide. 

From hiring the admitted former leader of a white supremacist organization, to misleading news outlets about his fundraising numbers, to submitting potentially forged ballot petitions, Rep. Braun has blundered his way through this primary from the start. 

Rep. Braun’s primary opponents have also already begun to attack him and his company for destroying American jobs by selling foreign parts for cars not made in America. Additionally, Rep. Braun sided with outsourcing companies over Hoosier workers when he opposed legislation that would have allowed Indiana to claw back tax incentives from Carrier and other companies that shipped jobs to foreign countries.  


  • Rep. Braun hired and was then forced to fire Caleb Shumaker from his campaign after reports surfaced that Schumaker was the former chairman of the National Youth Front. The Southern Poverty Law Center has deemed the Front a white nationalist group.
  • Shumaker was fired from Rep. Braun’s campaign in November of 2017, but admitted later that he “discussed” his involvement with a white nationalist group when he was hired.
  • Rep. Braun misled news outlets about his fourth quarter fundraising numbers, leading journalists to report that he raised more money from individual donors and loaned his campaign less than he actually did.
  • Last week, the bipartisan St. Joseph County Election Board requested an investigation by the Indiana State Police, attorney general and St. Joseph County prosecutor into Rep. Braun’s ballot petition signatures, citing potential petition fraud, including forgeries.
  • An employee for Rep. Braun’s campaign told reporters the campaign has received similar complaints regarding petition fraud from other counties.
  • Rep. Braun’s vehicle parts supply company has been criticized by his primary opponents for destroying American jobs by selling foreign parts for cars not made in America.
  • While in the Indiana Statehouse, Rep. Braun was one of few legislators in either party in the wake of the announcement of Carrier’s layoffs who voted against an amendment that would allow Indiana to claw back tax incentives for corporations who shipped jobs to foreign countries.

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