IDP’s response to State Senator Sandlin’s Facebook Post


Dear Fellow Democrat,

On Saturday, thousands of Hoosiers gathered at the Indiana Statehouse to take a stand. They gathered to make their voices heard and to take action against the heinous acts they see in our public officials who push ideological agendas instead of attacking the real problems we face every day.

And what is the response of our Republican legislators? See the Facebook post below from State Senator Jack Sandlin.

We cannot allow this sort of sexism to continue any longer. Now is the time to raise your voice and demand justice. 

Please join me in calling Senator Sandlin to express your outrage over his reaction to thousands of Hoosiers gathering peacefully to protest his ideology. Let’s stand together so that he and EVERY Republican, in this state and nationally, know that we will not take it anymore.

Email Senator Sandlin at Call his office at 317-232-9414. Call the Senate’s President Pro Tempore David Long at 317-232-9416.

Tell them that Senator Sandlin’s explanation that he doesn’t know how this post appeared on his Facebook Page isn’t good enough.

Don’t stop there. Click here to volunteer for Indiana Democrats as we gear up for the 2018 election year. 

Too many people in this state and this country worry about putting food on their tables and a roof over their children’s heads. We worry about the education our children receive and whether we will be able to afford basic health care if the Affordable Care Act is repealed, as our newly elected President and Vice President are advocating.

Saturday, we marched. And we joined hundreds of thousands of women, men, and children across the globe who stood united in our hope for a better future.

Our fight isn’t over. It has only just begun. 



Brittany Solis

Director of Compliance and Operations