IN GOP’s $1.1 billion oversight

Self-described economic gurus, Statehouse Republicans are costing the Hoosier economy $1.1 billion annually in reduced spending and lost productivity for one simple reason: inadequate child care.

From the Terre Haute Tribune Star Child care shortage: A $1.8 billion Indiana problem

“The study finds that, because of the lack of access to child care, Hoosier businesses spend nearly $1.8 billion annually to pay wages of absent employees, for overtime and temporary workers, and for costs associated with reduced productivity.

“Overall, Indiana’s economy loses nearly $1.1 billion each year as a result of reduced consumer spending, income and job loss, and the ripple effects of the lack of child care. This equates to a $118.8 million annual tax revenue loss for the state.

The study also estimates that, on average, working parents with children under five are absent from work 13.3 days each year due to child care issues. Additionally, about 11,000 working parents quit their jobs to address child care needs.”

Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody placed the blame squarely on Statehouse Republicans’ inability to recognize issues affecting working families. 

“Let’s put it in terms Statehouse Republicans allegedly understand, their policy failure is costing the Hoosier economy more than $1 billion,” said Zody. “This is more than an economic failure; Republicans’ inaction is costing working families the opportunity to balance work and a career and to do what’s right for their family.”