In Vanderburgh County, BLACK LIVES MATTER

Evansville, IN, JUNE 24:


The Vanderburgh County Democratic Party would like to be clear that Black Lives Matter. This does not mean only black lives or black lives matter more.  What is means is that to move beyond the systemic racism that still stubbornly persists in our communities, we must have black voices in leadership to bear witness first-hand to the personal experience of racism. Without those black voices, we will not be able to find solutions that will reduce the inequalities and mistreatment of those who are discriminated against. The suggestion that the only black representative on the Evansville City Council resign is offensive and counterproductive.  The Vanderburgh County Democratic Party is proud of the leadership that Alex Burton has brought to the City Council.  We fully support him and his hard work to make E for Everyone and we strongly encourage all members of the City Council, regardless of party affiliation, to hear his voice.

Contact: Melissa Morehead Moore
Phone:  812-604-3217