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Pence Commission renews search for reason to justify voter suppression

INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody issued the following statement after the Presidential Commission on Election Integrity convened for its second meeting.

“Today, members of Vice President Mike Pence’s commission once again industriously hunted for reasons to justify making it more difficult for Americans to vote. Like Secretary Lawson’s “no correlation” between early voting and turnout comment weeks before, the Commission twisted itself into knots to justify naked attempts to reduce turnout and tilt elections in favor of Republicans. Commission Vice-Chair Kris Kobach had his previous claim that thousands of New Hampshire voters committed voter fraud repeatedly swatted down by the New Hampshire Secretary of State himself. If the Commission was serious about election integrity, perhaps their Vice-Chair should be more careful in claiming fraud. From gerrymandering to selectively limiting early voting, Indiana Statehouse Republicans have spent years rigging the system to win elections. Consider, instead, if the Commission’s time, energy and taxpayer-resources were spent strengthening Hoosiers and Americans’ Constitutionally-protected right to vote.”