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Statement by IDP Chairman John Zody on President Trump’s, Vice President Pence’s and Rep. Braun’s visit to Elkhart

INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody released the following statement ahead of President Trump’s, Vice President Pence’s and Rep. Braun’s campaign event in Elkhart:

“If Rep. Braun expects an hour-long appearance for national TV cameras by President Trump will help him put the party back together after the ‘nation’s nastiest primary,’ he’s sorely mistaken. Time and time again, every man on stage tonight has put his own self-interest before the Hoosiers they claim to serve. Hoosiers saw through President Trump and Vice President Pence after they made false promises to save Carrier workers’ jobs, and after finding out Rep. Braun voted repeatedly to raise Hoosiers’ taxes and funded his primary campaign with the profits from Chinese auto parts, they’ve already begun to see through him too.”